Camtasia for Creating Tutorials

After playing around with trials of these products a little bit, last week our library purchased Camtasia and SnagIt for us to use in creating online tutorials and trainings. I’m working right now to create a training session for all the librarians so we can all utilize these very cool toys to our advantage. The goal is for all librarians to be able to quickly make screen captures, demos, etc. for use in tutorials, subject guides, and anything else, without needing any support from our IT department.

I made the demo below in 5 minutes. Unfortunately the quality’s not great because I had to publish through Windows Media Player to upload to Google Videos; the standard is to create a Flash file but WordPress doesn’t allow for that right now. This is the simplest example – you can also add audio, add captions, bubbles, import other images & media, etc. I’ll get around to that soon enough but below is what I’m thinking for use in a tutorial on “Defining Your Research Topic.” It shows how you can use CQ Researcher to browse for topics:

P.S.  There’s also a free version called CamStudio – very simple and doesn’t include any editing features, but is great for creating short screen captures in Flash format.  Download it online for free here.


5 thoughts on “Camtasia for Creating Tutorials

  1. Online Tutorials. « Flint Public Library Emerging Tech Blog

  2. Excellent little program, isn’t it? I had the same need last week and found the software excellent for the simple tasks I needed to do.

  3. Hi Rebecca. I am training older adults to serve as Computer Literacy Volunteers at the Rancho Bernardo Library in San Diego.
    I want to use Camtasia to record the words and the screens of co-learrners as they help each other through some computer learning exercises for older adults.
    I need help with learning to use Camtasia – from someone who remembers how to Keep It Short And Simple – but I get sidetracked by sidebars and lengthy explanations by teachers and authors afflicted with the MILAC virus -Make It Long And Complicated.
    Is there a Dummies-type tutorial for Camtasia Studio 6?

    • Hi Paul. That sounds like a great idea! I was actually surprised at how simple and easy to understand the Camtasia tutorials were that come with the program itself. They are created using Camtasia itself, so there are lots of screen recordings, and at least the basic ones I saw kept it pretty short and simple.

      That said, I don’t know if you’ve read my other blogs comparing Camtasia to Captivate. If you’re still in a position where you could go with a different creation software, Captivate is superior. It’s much easier to use and edit. It also comes with tutorials to get you started.

      I hope this is helpful! Good luck with your program.

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