My First Week as a (Real) Librarian

I just completed my first week in my new position as a reference & instruction librarian. Overall it went well – although I managed to get terribly sick on Tuesday night and missed 2 days already (I really should have missed 3 but forced myself to show up on Thursday…), but I’m hoping I’ll be back to normal tomorrow and ready to take on the job with a healthy state of mind.

So here’s a summary of the 3 days I actually spent on the job:

  • Hauled a book cart of my things from my old desk in the circulation area to my new desk in the basement offices. Organized the new desk, new files. Got the computer organized with the right software. It’s smaller and the ceilings are lower, & I have suspicions the confined space is what made me prone to getting sick – there’s not much air circulation down there. But hopefully my immune system will get stronger because of it.
  • Shadowed the reference desk for a few hours. Got to help a student find murder mysteries that weren’t made into plays or films (first official reference question!); also helped a librarian answer a circulation question 🙂
  • Assisted in two instructional sessions for English 102 students. One was great fun and I even learned a couple things (CQ Researcher is your friend). Remembered being one of those students not that many years ago and sympathized with their confusion over database searching.
  • Joined the other instructional librarians in a class for new English Composition Grad Assistants (the ones who teach these classes). Interestingly it was much like the sessions for the students themselves, although half an hour longer, with more handouts and a few suggestions for teaching the material. There isn’t currently any assessment for these sessions. Wondered what the teachers walked away with. (At this point it was the end of the day and I was running a fever, so I didn’t come to any significant conclusions.)
  • Met with our instructional design librarian who wants me and Yvonne (the other new Assistant Librarian) to work on creating two online tutorials – one for narrowing down a research topic & one for evaluating the relevance of search results. We’re going to look at a few software options (including Camtasia & Wink) to see what might work best and then work together on establishing the content.

It was a good week, despite the getting sick in the middle of it all. I think I’m most excited about working on creating tutorials & getting to do some instruction. I just need to take my vitamins and get plenty of rest. Because being a real librarian can be so intense it can make your body shut down, apparently. But now I’m getting the hang of things… I think… I’m sure things will be looking better next week 🙂


2 thoughts on “My First Week as a (Real) Librarian

  1. Yay!! I’m glad things went well with the exception of getting sick and all. It seems as if you will get some really good practical experience from this position which will only make you that much more irresistible in future job searches!!

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