Fancy Librarian Job Here I Come!

This morning I was offered a position working as an Assistant Librarian with the Undergraduate Services Team at the University of Arizona! The position will involve primarily reference services & undergraduate instruction, but I will also get to work on various assignments and projects with the instructional and outreach librarians on the team. It is a temporary position just through the summer, but think it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to get experience doing this kind of work which is really the sort of thing I want to do. I love reference, and really want to get more practice with hands-on instruction & working with students.

I am still waiting to hear back on another opportunity (a permanent position) but those searches take much longer and rather than hold out for it I want to grab the UofA opportunity while it’s there.

This will be a three-day weekend of celebration, that’s for sure! I start my new position on Jan 28th.


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