Fun in the Snow


This past weekend I had an opportunity to visit Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library. Just my luck, of course, a snow storm hit the interstate about 20 miles from the city. I survived my first ever drive in the snow, which was actually pretty exciting once I got over how terrifying it all was. After getting settled in the hotel, Scott and I spent Saturday evening downtown at Charly’s where we got some tasty food and caught a glimpse of the holiday parade through the window. I was amazed at the number of people out on the street with their families and dogs in the snowy cold.

Sunday we went to The Place for some good homestyle breakfast then drove all around the city checking things out. We visited Cline Library and strolled around, it really is a gorgeous library. Laura Taylor, Academic Program & Course Support Coordinator, and Beth Schuck, Associate University Librarian, joined me for some tea and a fantastic dinner at Dara Thai. It’s too bad I couldn’t take my left overs back to the hotel.

Cline Library

Monday I was able to spend time meeting different groups at the library, who were all very welcoming and enthusiastic. Among those were Kathleen Smalldon, whose library e-newsletter I recently read, as well as her article with OAA‘s Tom Paradis about the recent collaborative outreach effort to faculty. Also Katherine Peterson, who two SIRLS colleagues had mentioned as an innovative librarian who has been exploring reference through Second Life. I also met Jolie Graybill who used to be in the position Toni Anaya filled in Nebraska, whose position I was assigned when she left the UA. And Ann Eagan who used to work the UA Science-Engineering Reference Desk where I currently work. There were also a number of SIRLS grads. Small world. We had some good discussions about collaborating with faculty members, reaching distance learners, and utilizing new technology. It was an enjoyable day. Scott and I took a cab to Beaver Street Brewery to avoid the tricky drive in the snow and enjoyed pizzas and freshly brewed beers in celebration of the trip.

Tuesday we were worried the snow would be so bad we would have to stay another night, but fortunately after lunch it cleared up and we had a nice drive back. The roads were cleared and the mountains were absolutely beautiful covered in snow. It was a nice drive back down to Tucson, until of course we hit the rainstorm.


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