Power of Networking

With Jana Bradley, SIRLS Director

This past weekend I attended the End of Semester Party organized by LSO and held at SIRLS Director Jana Bradley‘s house. It was a great chance to meet some virtual peers in real life, as well as interact with the faculty and old friends. Highlights for me included meeting and getting to talk with LSO’s new Webmaster Jill from Phoenix, who came down for the event. I also got to spend some time with Coni, who started the program with me but graduated last December and I haven’t had a chance to see much since. She is now working at PCPL’s Main Library downtown, and with her passion and vitality is still my inspiration! I also had the opportunity to chat with Dereth, also down from Phoenix, who is a friend now graduating. She works at the State Library and was key in organizing the Books for Arizona Libraries Program. She has had wonderful experiences there; I know she will do many more great things in her future. A conversation that got me very excited was one I had with faculty member Kay, who it turns out is willing to help assist in the planning of LSO’s 3rd Annual Symposium to be held this coming fall. We’ve never had a faculty member on the planning committee in the past and I think she will be a fantastic resource for us.

You see, contrary to popular opinion these parties aren’t all about eating and drinking yourself silly. You can meet new people, reconnect with others, collaborate on ideas, get inspired, learn from each other, and create important networks all at the same time. But even if you happen to eat and drink yourself silly as well, they won’t judge you. They are librarians after all, I’m sure they’ve seen it all before.


One thought on “Power of Networking

  1. I’m famous now! (in your blog).
    I also enjoyed speaking with you at the party. I hope we get more opportunites to meet prior to graduation.

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